The rain had threatened to pour. And it did. As a force of habit, I carried my umbrella to shield me from the downpour. I was headed to the city center.

The Umbrella is of a beautiful maroon shade with such a hand friendly handle for users. I got it as a gift from my soon to be brother in-law and I must say it was such a welcome item in my belongings. I had been desiring to acquire one you see. It being gifted to me was an answered prayer so to say.

As I made my way down one of the busy streets in the city centre, I realised I was causing some fellow pedestrians discomfort from my own comfort. Not only were they getting wet from the rain but also being visited upon by pricks from my dear umbrella.

It is a pretty big “umby” (as we locally call the umbrella in an attempt to be stylish) and being in a rather crowded area (Kampala downtown is quite congested especially in certain busy spots) meant invading others’ walking space.

Someone shouted at me in an attempt to inform me of this encroachment. I Kew I was in wrong before he did so and I looked back to apologise. This however did not sway him from making it publicly known that my “umby” was being a menace to him.

It got me thinking about how in day to day life one may think that they are helping themselves or doing the right thing but instead affecting those around them. Like the case of me and my dear “umby”. It was meant to help me but ended up being a pain in someone’s side (see the affected person was uneasily poked in the side by my ” umby”).

I think I got to be more careful the next time I’m strolling down (if strolling is even possible) one of the city centre’s busy streets beautiful “umby’ in tow.

Peace always.


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