When one sees a calm sea/river/lake/stream or any sort of water body they automatically believe that all is well with it. 

Have you ever wondered whether it is the same beneath that calm surface? What if the creatures therein are having one of those days? I mean the raging kind of days. What if tempers are flaring beneath yet the surface temperature is all cool? What if committees are being formed to discuss the expulsion of certain members from the habitat? I mean just what if?

I am at times like that kind of water body. Emotions all forming an electric knot inside yet on the surface I’m mastering my *poker face* as they say.

I have to learn to keep my emotions in check and just like not all opinions/thoughts are welcome to be expressed, so are these emotions. I am learning to keep calm when all I want to do is thoroughly verbally express my present thoughts. But is that what I need ? Sometimes what we feel is not welcome in that time and this causes some sort of battle within because we want very much to be heard or just let out what we think and feel should be expressed. I am learning to master and win the battle within. It is not easy but it is liberating in one way or another.

Peace always.


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