Well well well, PATIENCE.

What a powerful word and name. Name because it’s been given to people especially girls. But how many live up to its essence?

Patience is the ability to wait for that which one yearns, craves for or desires. It is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. 

An English Proverb has it that PATIENCE PAYS BUT PAINS. In other words, being patient comes with a cost but a reward too after it is all said and done.

It is not easy being patient. Not at all especially in cases where one is in dire need of that which they ought to wait to acquire. Standing in a long line at the bank or at the grocery store, waiting for that appointment beyond the time you had expected, waiting for the rains to come so planting season can start, waiting for that special one or a breakthrough at work or any other aspect in life.

James 5

[7]So be patient, brethren, [as you wait] till the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits expectantly for the precious harvest from the land. [See how] he keeps up his patient [vigil] over it until it receives the early and late rains.

Patience is part of the fruits that are born in ones life when they are filled with the Holy Spirit as stated in GALATIANS 5:22-23.

 When one is in unison with their creator, patience is not something that they easily complain about. Yes, there will be those really trying times, but joy always comes in the morning.



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