Many a girl or even a guy may be heard intimating about how they desire to have a godly relationship with a godly partner. How about if we considered whether we have a relationship with our maker-God before we desired this godly relationship with someone else? How fair would it be to your partner if they were godly and you were not? 

The Bible is clear in Matthew 6:33 that seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things shall follow. How many of us are diligently seeking the kingdom of God to which we ought to faithfully belong? Or are we so engrossed in seeking a kingdom product(read partner in terms of wife or husband) and forget to seek the one who created them? 

How about if we went back to our very first love- Jesus? The author and finisher of our faith. We never know that in seeking him, pursuing him and living for him, we shall be blessed with our hearts’ desires and more!He knows all our needs before we even realise them! In having a relationship with our maker, we are able to know how to deal with his creation. In case of disagreements, one can know where to turn for assistance in handling the issue.

As you set on the journey of seeking that godly partner, put your faith in the one who created and enabled them to be “godly”. For it is not just a matter of desiring a godly partner, they too have struggles just like you. They too are imperfect just like you.

The beauty is in realising that you both are  imperfect and acknowledge the availability of salvation in faith, a godly relationship can sprout and be maintained with Jesus at the centre. However, you both have to acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and saviour and also base your relationship on this foundation. Then and only then can a godly relationship be born, grown and maintained.

God bless you.


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