Of tattooed children…

I met these three young boys as I ascended the slope home. They qualified for the age of 8 and 9 years, well by first glance but they could be older. One had his shirt sleeve folded upwards revealing a scar of sorts. Another was saying how he would never do that to himself. I... Continue Reading →


I chose PEACE… 

I JUST HAD MY PATIENCE TESTED MY FAITH WAS PUT ON THE LINE WHEN ARROGANCE MET HUMILITY AND A CHOICE HAD TO BE MADE: PEACE OR HAVOC I chose PEACE. It hurt yes but I had to be the mature one in a situation that had the other person being the more physically mature one.... Continue Reading →


I just cannot get enough of this song by J MOSS! It is a refreshment to my soul each time. Glory to God for the talent he bestowed upon him. The song is more like a prayer  that he (J MOSS) makes to serve and have a relationship with his maker. He promises to show... Continue Reading →

Dear God

Dear God, Your glory will forever reign For the love of all you created, reach out and meet each and everyone at their points of need. Calm their anxious hearts and heal their hurts. Thank you for yet a new beautiful day And mercy fresh like the morning dew May we not take your grace... Continue Reading →

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