I hope you are not just okay. Because when I ask how you are doing, I need you to give me each and every detail. I need you to fill me in with every gory detail. Is it not the gist of human life? I hope you are not-just-okay. Because when I ask how you... Continue Reading →


Of tattooed children…

I met these three young boys as I ascended the slope home. They qualified for the age of 8 and 9 years, well by first glance but they could be older. One had his shirt sleeve folded upwards revealing a scar of sorts. Another was saying how he would never do that to himself. I... Continue Reading →

I chose PEACE… 

I JUST HAD MY PATIENCE TESTED MY FAITH WAS PUT ON THE LINE WHEN ARROGANCE MET HUMILITY AND A CHOICE HAD TO BE MADE: PEACE OR HAVOC I chose PEACE. It hurt yes but I had to be the mature one in a situation that had the other person being the more physically mature one.... Continue Reading →


I just cannot get enough of this song by J MOSS! It is a refreshment to my soul each time. Glory to God for the talent he bestowed upon him. The song is more like a prayer  that he (J MOSS) makes to serve and have a relationship with his maker. He promises to show... Continue Reading →

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