I hope you are not just okay. Because when I ask how you are doing, I need you to give me each and every detail. I need you to fill me in with every gory detail. Is it not the gist of human life? I hope you are not-just-okay. Because when I ask how you... Continue Reading →


Of tattooed children…

I met these three young boys as I ascended the slope home. They qualified for the age of 8 and 9 years, well by first glance but they could be older. One had his shirt sleeve folded upwards revealing a scar of sorts. Another was saying how he would never do that to himself. I... Continue Reading →

I chose PEACE… 

I JUST HAD MY PATIENCE TESTED MY FAITH WAS PUT ON THE LINE WHEN ARROGANCE MET HUMILITY AND A CHOICE HAD TO BE MADE: PEACE OR HAVOC I chose PEACE. It hurt yes but I had to be the mature one in a situation that had the other person being the more physically mature one.... Continue Reading →


When one sees a calm sea/river/lake/stream or any sort of water body they automatically believe that all is well with it.  Have you ever wondered whether it is the same beneath that calm surface? What if the creatures therein are having one of those days? I mean the raging kind of days. What if tempers... Continue Reading →


The rain had threatened to pour. And it did. As a force of habit, I carried my umbrella to shield me from the downpour. I was headed to the city center. The Umbrella is of a beautiful maroon shade with such a hand friendly handle for users. I got it as a gift from my... Continue Reading →


I saw him from a distance. He was leaning against a Samsung poster pole-squatting actually- with his knees bent and arms hanging over them. He wore shorts and a vest-fading ones if memory serves right. He had what looked like rubbish to me about him but I know to him it was a collection of... Continue Reading →

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